What is Fresh Healthy Tasty?

Fresh, healthy meals delivered…
for People on the Go!

The Fresh Healthy Tasty menu is designed in collaboration with talented international and domestic chefs, nutritionist and the founders, who own restaurants geared toward the health conscious.

We offer a simple balanced healthy meal program for people with not so simple lives.

As a critical part of our strategy, we incorporate foods and spices with antioxidants and antiviral properties that maximize health benefits.


With so many things to do and never enough time, let us offer you the chance for a healthy lifestyle without all the fuss. So many of us don’t have time to cook every day, always on the go trying to balance career and family or so many other priorities.

Fresh Healthy Tasty meals are healthy gourmet meals (non-frozen and preservative free) delivered to your home. They are healthy meal alternative for people on the go, and people looking to either maintain a healthy diet or lose weight. 

Just sign up for this simple program;

3 fresh and healthy meals and 2 snacks daily 
(a program is available with 2-3 meals daily) 

delivered to your home fresh on Mon / Wed / Fri.  

Whether your goal is to lose weight or maintain it, Fresh Healthy Tasty offers a simple, healthy meal program.

People already spend between $20-30 on food daily yet they generally lack the balanced, portion controlled nutritious meals our bodies crave to see the benefits of a healthy diet.  

We offer smart healthy meals for a healthy lifestyle.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEating a well-balanced and healthy diet, can reduce your risk for various illnesses, boost your mood, energy level and focus. Obesity is a major epidemic in the United States that can limit one in so many facets of their lives. Approximately sixty-five percent of Americans are overweight. Weight issues are a daily struggle for many, and people want to make a change. We can help.

We strive for excellence and want to delight you with our variety of meal options from a succulent salmon to a tasty veggie frittata; we have something for everyone’s unique pallet.  We use fresh ingredients from local growers, prepare our own homemade sauces and work with exceptional chefs to pay special attention to every detail of our menu.

strawberry cup dessert

We understand the need for balance in life and with your meals so we give you the opportunity to select from our Silver, Platinum and Gold Programs along with our Traditional and Vegetarian options– see details on our How it Works page.

Growing up in a family of professional chefs and bakers, food has always been a true passion of the founders. They use similar concepts in their restaurants located in Fort Lauderdale and Miami. Customers include famous TV personalities and professional sports figures i.e. NFL.

Many of their customers have expressed challenges trying to consistently maintain a healthy well balanced diet at home. They are loyal customers that love the food, can’t always dine out and were looking for a similar culinary experience in the comfort of their own home.

We service all of South Florida.