“The food is delicious and nutritious and I am surprised how quickly I am losing weight.  Fresh Healthy Tasty has exceeded my expectations and as a career woman with long hours, I especially appreciate the convenience and time saved by using the program.  I used to eat out every day and now I have food that is better than any restaurant I used to frequent.  I highly recommend it.
Carol J., Miami

“I was one of the program testers during the early stages of the Fresh Healthy Tasty launch.  I lost 24.5 lbs. since I started the program 3 ½ months ago.  I absolutely love the food, feel satisfied with the portions and it never feels like a diet.  I am always on the go and just don’t have the time to cook healthy meals every day.  I recommend it to anyone who wants to eat great and lose weight.”
Caroline S., Fort Lauderdale, Fl 

“My wife and I are retired and have no desire to cook every day.  We were getting tired of going out to eat most evenings.  We were so excited to find Fresh Healthy Tasty.  The meals are really delicious, there’s so much variety and we look forward to our deliveries.  It’s just so easy and reasonably priced, we should have done this ages ago.  We absolutely love it!”
Jeff B., Miami, Fl

Appetizer - Mini Salmon Steak
Berries Dessert