Sample Menu

Prepared Fresh Daily By International and Domestic Chefs

9314135 Breakfast - Sauteed Apple, Red Onion, Brie Cheese, Tomato Quiche
1837603 Snack 1 - Mixed Summer Fruit with Coconut, Flakes Yogurt
8147088 Lunch - Avocado, Roasted Carrots, Mesclun Salad, Croutons, Sunflower Seeds, Raspberry Vinaigrette
9349169 Dinner - New Orleans Style Broiled Salmon, Asparagus, Baby Spinach, Arugula, Balsamic Drizzle Reduction
4582980 Snack 2 - Peach Strawberry Sorbet
652521 Juice Option Available


Make some fundamental changes in your diet today to reap the Rewards of a Healthier You! 

We understand the need for balance in life and with your meals… You have the opportunity to select from our Silver, Gold and Platinum Program along with our Traditional and Vegetarian options

Just sign up for this simple program of 3 meals and 2 snacks (programs are available for 2 – 3 meals daily) delivered to your home fresh on Mon / Wed / Fri.  Whether your goal is to lose weight or maintain it, Fresh Healthy Tasty offers a simple, healthy meal program.

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“I began eating at Carina’s restaurant more than two years ago, visiting 3-4 days a week. I have always been very happy with the meals and was delighted when they started the Fresh, Healthy, Tasty gourmet food delivery service. The food is delicious and nutritious and I am surprised how quickly I am losing weight. Fresh Healthy Tasty has exceeded my expectations and as a career woman with long hours, I especially appreciate the convenience and time saved by using the program. I used to eat out every day and now I have food that is better than any restaurant I used to frequent. I highly recommend it.

Carol J., Miami