Corporate Meal Programs
Healthy Catering Services

Fresh Healthy Tasty understands the benefits of wellness at home and at work. Companies investing in wellness are seeing returns in productivity, employee morale, reduced healthcare costs, improvements in attendance; the list goes 

on and on…  It only makes sense to provide healthy meal offerings that align with your Corporate wellness strategy. 

How It Works

strawberry cup dessert

We at Fresh Healthy Tasty are happy to provide sample menus and meal tastings so you can see for yourself just

 how delicious our Corporate healthy meal programs are.  We can deliver our fresh, healthy and mouthwatering meals to your office 3 days per week.  Minimum employee participants are required. Our chef will make the daily selections

 from a wide array of tasty dishes and we are committed to helping you select a meal program that will suit the needs of your employees and your organization.  We have an innovative team collaborating on a menu that offers variety and an exceptional culinary experience.